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Fishing Lake AmistadWorld class bass fishing is the only way to describe the experience offered by Lake Amistad just outside of Del Rio, Texas.  Lake Amistad has been mentioned as one of the top bass fishing destinations in the world by virtually every bass fishing publication and is a favorite stop for the top bass fishing professionals.

Lake Amistad’s deep clear waters offer an opportunity for virtually every bass fishing technique from  jigging deep grass and rocky drop offs to running spinnerbaits down windy shorelines and dragging swimbaits through submerged trees.

The lake is an international partnership between the United States and Mexico with the old Rio Grande River bed still serving as the international border in the middle of the lake.  Both side of the lake offer extraordinary angling opportunities.

Welcome to FishLakeAmistad.com.  We hope your visit to this site is followed by a great fishing trip to Lake Amistad!


Amistad Lake Level

1088.34 ft (msl)

28.66 ft below
Full Conservation Pool

Amistad Lake
Release Flow Rate

95.47 ft3/sec

Updated: 04/27/2015 21:15
Data Courtesy of IBWC

Weather data OK
Lake Amistad
72 °F

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